About Us

Twenty Nine, the luxury pret label, is a tribute to the handcrafted traditions of 29 states of India. ‘The label was launched with a passion to create contemporary wear in traditional weaves, by daughter-in-law and mother-in-law duo Rhea and Sangita. Rhea and Sangita are self taught stylists and revivalist designers. Their love for weaves but a failed hunt for smart contemporary wear in traditional weaves had them launch the label ‘Twenty Nine’ in October, 2017.
Having lived in India all their lives and travelled across the globe, meeting inspirational artists, interacting with different cultures; both Rhea and Sangita love weaves, and have a taste for good things and an eye for details. Their attempt is to create a unique design vocabulary using the indigenous textiles, handicrafts and culture of the 29 states of India. Their design signature is vibrant and intrinsically Indian in its sensibility but with an understated and classic international appeal.