Twenty Nine India founders featured in The Hindu

The mother­-in-law and daughter­-in-­law team behind fashion labelTwenty Nine is blending traditional weaves with contemporary cuts.

When Sangita Gupta says she was 52 when she enrolled herself at Central St Martins, London to study fashion, the response she gets is ‘wow’. And when she adds that she attended that college with her daughter-­in-­law Rhea, the look of surprise on most faces always makes her smile. She has begun to enjoy those reactions now, admits the entrepreneur on a recent visit to Chennai as part of the Armoire popup.

Sangita and Rhea are co­-creators of the Delhi­ based designer label Twenty Nine, that was launched in October 2017. Back then, they had no formal training in fashion — the label was born out of their sheer love for good clothes and crafts. “To keep up with the market, we went to London to study earlier this year,” says Sangita. Even
though they signed up for different courses, they would head to university together in the morning. After class, they would go to different stores, looking at materials, cuts and patterns that they had learned about during the course of the day. “It was such a pleasure to interact and exchange ideas with young minds. And all of them called me by my name,” smiles Sangita.

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